Langerhuize stands for quality

Everybody that uses a Langerhuize meal knows for sure that this meal is prepared with care by one or two of our kitchen staff. This means more quality and more dedication to that which is being served.

Our kitchen staff consists of enthusiastic employees, experienced chefs who enjoy what they are doing. They are heavily involved with what is served, particularly because they are responsible for the entire meal and not just part of it. Most importantly, our employees are well-trained professionals, with a lot of experience in the preparation of dietary meals.

No matter how healthy and nutritious a meal may be, at Langerhuize we believe that we only produce quality when the meals are delicious. Therefore we are not only in close contact with our suppliers, but also with the people who enjoy our meals.

During the regularly recurring test panels, our chefs and advisors get together with the consumers to hear how the food tastes and if we can further improve the meals. So we are able to offer the highest quality of service every day.

Working at Langerhuize