Our background

Langerhuize began in the kitchens of several healthcare institutions, Stichting Brentano Amstelveen, Sinaï Centrum Amersfoort and Ziekenhuis Amstelveen. These kitchens used to only cook for their own patients, but in recent years increasingly often prepared special meals for external organisations.

This was a good reason for these organisations join forces and opt for continuity and quality. We deliberately chose for a form of coöperation. This means we were not concerned with maximising profits, but are able to focus on what we’re good at: preparing delicious, high quality meals.

Our flavours

Our kitchen staff consists of enthusiastic employees, who enjoy their work. They are heavily involved in what is served, particularly because they are responsible for the whole meal and not just part of it.

Most importantly our employees are well-trained professionals, with a lot of experience in the preparation of dietary meals. We like to keep their knowledge up to date and motivations high. Therefore they regularly get together with the people they are actually cooking for.

Only the best

For a delicious and healthy meal, only high quality ingredients are used. Therefore Langerhuize increasingly buys meat, vegetables and potatoes directly from the farmer. This is to ensure we know exactly where the ingredients come from, and our customers know they are getting high quality products for an acceptable price.

It is also important to know that Langerhuize uses honest and natural ingredients. We do not work with pre-made or semi-processed goods, but prepare everything in our own kitchen. We make the food ourselves and that is something you can taste.

Attention to quality

No matter how healthy and nutritious, at Langerhuize we believe that we only produce quality when the meals are delicious. Therefore we are not only in close contact with our suppliers, but also with the people who enjoy our meals.

During the regularly recurring test panels, our chefs and advisors get together with the customers to hear how the food tastes and how we can further improve the meals. So that we are able to improve the quality of the service every day.

Care and devotion

Many people count on a delicious meal from Langerhuize every day. We are very aware of our responsibility so we devote a great deal of care and attention into preparing the meals. Whether the meals are traditional, kosher, vegetarian or special dietary, at Langerhuize we believe food should simply be delicious!

Want to try a meal for yourself or one of your clients? Langerhuize would like to be your supplier. You can contact us by phone: 020 – 347 24 00 or e-mail: info@langerhuize.nl.